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    An effective door access control system will save property owners and tenants time and money. This type of security system is easy to install and use, and is also easy to maintain. When purchasing a door access control system, look for an IP65 rating, which indicates that it is waterproof and resistant to dust and weather. The more features the door access control system has, the better.



    For larger properties, a networked control panel will be a good choice. This kind of door access control system will use IP technology to grant access based on the credentials presented by a user. Door controllers can be installed on the top of a door, or they can be placed in a central control box to work in unison.


    A door controller is a highly versatile device that can also support mobile credentials. This type of door access control system will operate two or more doors, and has connections to exit buttons and automatic door openers. Installing a door access control system requires a panel and three cables, one for each entrance and exit button. The cable itself can range from four cores to twelve. The thickness of the reader cable depends on the type of system.


    To install a door access control system, make sure that the wiring is consistent between doors. There is a good chance that all of the doors will have similar installations. Then, you can get a user manual for your door access control system and learn how to install it. An access control system can also monitor a door without a card reader. A card reader may not be installed on the outside of the door, and an access control system can't detect it.

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